Practical information

Where is it taking place?

Klimakemp is taking place in small town Veltruby, near Kolín and not far from coal power plan Chvaletice, one of the dirtiest power plants in the Czech Republic. Look at details about transport options. In case you get lost, call info number +420 735 050 287.

Is it legal? Can I get arrested?

The camp itself is perfectly legal. Announced and permitted demonstration will take place during action days from July 5 to 7. Please be aware that your participation on other possible non-violent actions that might stand out of the legal system framework is on your own responsibility. More information can be found in, for example, action consensus of informal civil initiative Občané za konec doby uhelné [lit.: Citizens for the end of the coal era].

We encountered that police requested IDs from people coming to the camp in past years. Always ask for the reason of this procedure, for every particular detail, and video record everything if possible. We will dispute possible illegal identifications. Phone number to legal aid in case you need is +420 910 128 501.

I’m under-eighteen. Can I join?

Klimakemp will create a safe environment so everyone, including the minors, is very welcome. However, children under-fifteen need to be accompanied by their parents. If you are between fifteen and eighteen years old and you plan to participate in Klimakemp without your caregiver, please consider the possible risks. Despite our full determination, we might not be able to provide you with all necessary legal information in time. Hence be aware that we cannot vouch for any consequences that might result from your participation in Klimakemp or possible protests.

I don’t speak Czech. Can I participate?

The climate change has no boundaries and neither does our camp. We welcome participants from other countries. You’ll get an information brochure in English and there will be an infopoint with English speaking volunteers. The lectures held in Czech will be individually translated when possible. We’ll appreciate if you actively search for someone in the camp to help you with the translations. The Czech currency is a Czech koruna (CZK) also known as crown. €1 equals approximately to 26 crowns. Please do not forget to bring your ID.

What if something happens to me at the camp or the events?

Everyone will take care of everyone at Klimakemp. There will also be a medical team ready to help if needed. If you study medicine or you are a paramedic, please send us an email if you want to join the team.


Detailed information are only on dedicated page for now.

Action days

Informal civil initiative Občané za konec doby[lit.: citizens for the end of the coal era] announced coal action days. You can find more in their action consensus and action-specific practical information, which are also publishing on our website.

What is going to happen during action days?

There’s going to be space for lots of different forms of nonviolent protest to end the coal era. Together with locals from Zastavme elektrárnu Chvaletice [lit.: stop power plant Chvaletice], we are organizing legally announced demonstration against weakened emission limits for the Chvaletice power plant and for end of the coal era. Informal civil initiative Občané za konec doby uhelné [lit.: citizens for the end of the coal era] also calls for nonviolent actions of civil disobedience which are supported by other ecological organizations, scientists, artists and other well-known individuals.

I don’t want to take part in civil disobedience. Can I join the camp?

Sure! As we mentioned before, there’s going to be a legal demonstrations against weakened emission limits for coal barons (private fossil business owners), climate change, fossil fuels and for climate justice near Chvaletice power plant. There will be space for anyone to voice their opinion. Moreover, Klimakemp needs someone to keep everything going even during action weekend but to support all protesters as well in case you don’t want to participate in any action.