Save climate…

…end coal!

End Coal #NOW

action weekend in north Bohemia

Support our struggle against coal

in the Czech Republic and beyond


What do we want?

Resolve causes of climate crisis

We already experience disastrous effects of changes in the climate – floods, droughts, extreme weather, crop failures and instability. If the crisis shouldn’t became a catastrophe, 80% of fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground. This is as true in the Czech Republic as anywhere else. We are part of global movement which demands cessation of fossil fuels usage and fair transfer to renewable sources as fast as possible.

Protect health and homes of the people

Burning coal pollutes our air with toxic substances and in doing so causes tens of premature deaths, hundreds of respiratory and hearth diseases and millions of Euros’ worth of damages to our economy. Eventual expansion of mining wouldn’t be possible without displacement and destruction of addition towns and villages in the region of north Bohemia.

Support clean energy

Coal and other fossil fuels are quickly being replaced all around the world. We want to support this process and make sure that old power plants do not block the development of clean energy and that even the Czech Republic joins the transition to clean sources as shown in developed countries.

Justice for those affected by mining

It is unacceptable that most of the resources gained from mining goes from the region to coal barons’ bank accounts or to the state treasury. We demand from our government to significantly raise mining fees and to use these newly gained resources to transform the region and provide decent job opportunities for those who would lose them with the end of coal.

Anniversary of territorial mining limits

We want the end of the coal era!

Just end of fossil fuels

How do we want to achieve this?