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Help us cover the legal costs to protect climate activists in the Czech republic!

With Limity jsme my, we are facing one big challenge this year – our huge legal expenses, which we are no longer able to cover on our own. That’s why we’re asking for your support by making a donation or spreading the word further. Every small contribution makes a difference!

Why do we need the money now?

In 2018, there was a direct action in which the Bílina coal mine was blocked for several hours. The coal company Severočeské doly sued 89 people for alleged damages caused by the blockade of this mine. These 89 people were sued quite randomly, including people with solid alibis (e.g. attending a wedding). We think it is clear that the coal company’s efforts are not about retrieving the lost money, but about intimidating and silencing climate activists. The court has currently ruled against them, which means that the accused people (83 at the moment) will have to pay the alleged damages (in total, the amount is approximately CZK 660,000, with gradually increasing interest it is at least CZK 820,000). Fortunately, there is still a possibility to appeal this decision which our legal team can help with. 

In order to keep the legal team functioning and to pay the costs of the court proceedings, we need your (financial) support now. This lawsuit is also just one of many, as our legal team is currently handling the most lawsuits in its history. Although most of the legal team works for free, the operating costs are increasing every year. In order to be sure that we will be able to cover all legal costs, we need to raise at least 350,000 CZK by the end of the year. Please help us continue our fight against the unjust system with a small donation or by spreading the word further.