How to reach the camp?

Location: Town Veltruby – 50°03′48.2″N 15°10′40.8″E
Route: Apple Maps, Google Maps,


Klimakemp can be easily reached by train. You need to take train to railway station Kolín. From Kolín there is another train going directly to Veltruby. The train from Kolín to Veltruby goes regularly every hour, less often during weekends. From the railway station in Veltruby you can reach the camp in about twenty-five minutes by a pleasant walk through the village. See the route from the train station on Google Maps.


You can also get to the place by bus. We again recommend you to arrive in Kolín. Bus in the direction to Veltruby leaves several times a day from railway station. It is worthwhile to get off at the station Veltruby, I (close to cultural center and the pub), from where it is only five minutes walk to the campsite. See the route from local cultural center on Google Maps.

Car? Better bike or hike!

Klimakemp is an event focused on climate protection. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to arrive by car, because of the environmental and capacity reasons. On the contrary, it is highly recommended to come by bike. We also recommend a walking route from Kolín to Veltruby, which is only six kilometers long.

If you have no choice and you have to come by car, you can get there from Prague by the route E67 the D11 motorway. Alternatively from Brno via D1 motorway and after Jihlava turn towards Kutná hora and Kolín.