Klimakemp 2020

From 3 to 6 September, we are organising the action weekend against coal, where we’re planning to protest in various forms for an as-fast-as-possible coal phase-out and for climate justice. We call for our international friends to once again join us in making coal history in the biggest Czech mining region of north Bohemia. We will appreciate it greatly if you come help us build the camp on 1 September.

Where will the action weekend take place?

In the Most coal region, near the Czech-German-Polish border. The exact location is on transport page.

What about Covid-19?

We’ve always cared for the safety of all participants. This year we will do as much as we can to avoid the health risks of the coronavirus pandemic on our events – including the action weekend. We will provide enough disinfection and protective equipment to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Please take enough face masks for every day (preferably multiple for a day).
  • Disinfection will be provided but take your own as well.
  • If you show signs of covid, or were in contact with an infected person, please stay home this year.
  • Be considerate. Wear a mask on plenaries, in food lines or in bigger groups. Ask others around you if it’s okay to take it off otherwise.

The Czech coal commission is debating coal phase-out. So why are we organising the action weekend?

We believe that the coal commission should have a fast-enough, just end of coal as their priority.

However, given how the commission was created (through non-transparent decisions of politicians with connections to coal companies) and who the members are, it’s highly unlikely that they will meet these goals. It consists of coal business representatives and politicians, and no climatologists or representatives of locals who will be immediately affected by coal phase-out.

Already the commission is talking about late dates of the end of coal and politicians are putting across fake solutions such as new blocks in nuclear power plants or fossil gas. Thanks to scientists, we’ve known for a long time that we must become coal free in ten years to avoid the average temperature rising 1.5 °C compared to the pre-industrial age.

We on the other hand call for a fast and just end of coal, which must go hand in hand with creating cleaner jobs and supporting people working in the coal business or those affected by its consequences. People from coal regions must take part in the decision-making process of how transformation will be done. Also, we demand the democratisation of energetics, that is a transition to renewable energy in the hands of municipalities, communities and co-ops.

We can’t afford to let the commission delay coal phase-out and make money out of it: we need to shut down old coal power plants such as Chvaletice and Počerady and we need to start #now.

Can we afford to start coal phase-out now when we have to deal with Covid-19 and the economic recession?

Actually, the crisis should be an opportunity for a change towards a sustainable, just and free society. The current economic problems of the oil and coal industry show that the polluters are not immune to similar societal crashes. Also, the richest states are planning to give the fossil industry billions for so-called economy stimulus packages. We are currently deciding about how our future will look like tens of years in advance. Either we let the states give the money to the polluters or we force them to invest into people and a clean future. We can’t let the fossil corporations profit out of leading us into climate crisis. Instead, we need to change the world into a more sustainable, just and free one. This might be our last chance, let’s not ruin it.

Where will we sleep?

As always, we will sleep on a meadow. A tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat might come in handy.

What should I take with me?

General camping equipment: a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, plate, cup, cutlery, food and drink, water bottle. Please take plenty of face masks and other covid protective equipment. Consider well what clothes you will take. You might need a warm sweater for the night, a raincoat or a rain-proof jacket, a hat and sturdy shoes. Don’t forget your documents, money or any medication you might need. It could be nice to take a musical instrument.

What not to take?

The camp should be a safe and welcoming space for the participants and the locals. Please leave any guns, explosives, hard alcohol, drugs and narcotic substances at home. Don’t take unnecessarily long knives, glass bottles, liquids of unknown origin and overall any item that could be considered a weapon. We recommend you also leave valuables at home.

What will we eat?

We will have vegan breakfasts, lunches and dinners together. Take a plate or a bowl made of sturdy material along with a cup and cutlery. The kitchen collective that will cook for us will surely appreciate your help. Drinking water and a bar will also be available on the spot.

What about hygiene?

Compostable toilets and provisional showers will be available. However, the capacity of the showers will be limited. Please make sure to wash your hands often.


Making a camp of course costs some money, and by some, we mean a lot. Therefore, your donations are greatly appreciated. The recommended donation is 200 CZK a day or more. If you can give more, please consider also supporting us on Darujme.cz.

Is it legal? Can I get arrested?

The camp itself is perfectly legal. Announced and permitted demonstration will take place during action days from 3 to 6 September. Please be aware that your participation in other possible non-violent actions that might stand out of the legal system framework is your own responsibility. More information can be found in, for example, action consensus.

We encountered that police requested IDs from people coming to the camp in past years. Always ask for the reason for this procedure, for every particular detail, and video record everything if possible. We will dispute possible illegal identifications. Phone number to legal aid in case you need is +420 910 128 501.

I’m under-eighteen. Can I join?

The camp will create a safe environment so everyone, including the minors, is very welcome. However, children under-fifteen need to be accompanied by their parents. If you are between fifteen and eighteen years old and you plan to participate in the camp without your caregiver, please consider the possible risks. Despite our full determination, we might not be able to provide you with all necessary legal information in time. Hence be aware that we cannot vouch for any consequences that might result from your participation in the camp or possible protests.

I don’t speak Czech. Can I participate?

Climate change has no boundaries and neither does our camp. We welcome participants from other countries. You’ll get an information brochure in English and there will be an infopoint with English speaking volunteers. The lectures held in Czech will be individually translated when possible. We’ll appreciate it if you actively search for someone in the camp to help you with the translations. The Czech currency is a Czech koruna (CZK) also known as crown. €1 equals approximately 26 crowns. Please do not forget to bring your ID.

What if something happens to me at the camp or the events?

Everyone will take care of everyone at Klimakemp. There will also be a medical team ready to help if needed. If you study medicine or you are a paramedic, please send us an email if you want to join the team.

What is going to happen during action days?

There’s going to be space for lots of different forms of nonviolent protest to end the coal era. The climate coalition is organizing a legal demonstration in front of the Počerady power plant. There will also be space for direct action.

I don’t want to take part in civil disobedience. Can I join the camp?

Sure! There will be a legal demonstration in front of the Počerady power plant, the dirtiest power plant in the Czech Republic. We also need a lot of people to keep the camp running during action days.