• Start: 30.5.2018 19:00
  • End: 30.5.2018 20:30

Třída Kapitána Jaroše 18, Czech Republic

Summer getting hot

Temperatures are hitting record heights, icecaps are melting in record speed. Sweet promises from international conferences on climate are getting bitter, as we do not see enough desirable changes. But we are not desperate. Ever more people are getting organized around the globe to fight climate injustice. But this summer we connect! Join us at two lectures in Prague and Brno. We will introduce three upcoming climate camps in Central Europe, explain what is their purpose and how they work, you will get to know the context of emerging climate justice movement in Poland and Czech Republic and you will get practical info about how to get to the climate camps and what to bring with you. Together we´ll draw red line from Polish coal mines to Vienna airport, no matter where the border is. Join us!

Climate camp in Austria: 30. 5. – 3. 6.
Climate camp in the Czech Republic: 27. 6. – 1. 7.
Climate camp in Poland: 18. 7. – 22. 7.