• Start: 25.3.2018 19:00
  • End: 25.3.2018 22:00

třída Kapitána Jaroše, Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia

Discussion with green philosopher Rupert Read. Rupert Read is a philosopher from the University of East Anglia. His main areas of interest are in Wittgenstein, philosophy of science, environmental philosophy, and philosophy of film. He is also chair the UK-based green think tank, Green House.

Topic of discussion (whole event would be in english):
Today we face an unprecedented ecological crisis. Levels of pollution, impacts of climate change or biodiversity loss are reaching historical records and affecting the human population as well as ecosystems. Raising environmental concern has entered the political agenda of established political parties and also led to the emergence of Green parties. Environmental demands entered the market and led to the emergence of sustainable consumption. Technological development reflected the environmental objective and came up with green technologies.

But the crisis is ever more deepening. To delay or to cushion its worse impact require immediate radical changes on a large scale.
What would an adequate response to the crisis look like? What do we need for radical transformation of the society to sustain in the natural limits and to be fair and just at the same time? Who are the actors of such change and how to mobilise for it?