Prague, Czech Republic
Press release published by climate movements Limity jsme my, Extinction Rebellion Czech Republic and Univerzity za Klima

Approximately twenty climate activists occupied roofs of three petrol stations in Vrchlického, Evropská and Strakonická streets in Prague, Czech Republic, and dropped banners with slogans “Energy democracy”, “Climate justice” and “End oil, end Shell” on Tuesday morning. The goal is to draw attention to climate destruction and violation of human rights this corporation has caused throughout its history. This action is taking place as Shell is having its Annual General Meeting in Hague, Netherlands, a target of disruptions and demonstrations of the Dutch initiative Shell must fall.

The protesters demand termination of Shell’s activities and its dismantling with any legal, economic or political means. At the same time, they call for just transition for people working in the fossil industry and reparations for all communities and ecosystem affected by Shell’s operation.

Due to the pandemic, the petroleum industry is undergoing a crisis and Shell’s value is decreasing day by day. The company is struggling and its operation requires reduced expenses and loans. If Shell falls without a plan, the impact on the environment and employees will be huge. The climate movement therefore demands a clear political plan of ending Shell’s activity and substituting fossil fuels with clean alternatives. 

Kateřina Holá from ‘Limity jsme my’ says:
We also demand energy democracy which means a decentralized network of renewable energy sources owned by municipalities, communities and local cooperatives. Corporations like Shell profit from destroying the planet, and it is only their shareholders who benefits from this exploitation. What we want is power owned by people.

Adéla Hrdličková from Extinction Rebellion Czech Republic says:
Our goal is to inform the public on important decisions that are being made behind closed doors of global corporations’ meeting rooms. Shell’s activities have a long-term negative impact on the environment and people and so we call for the end of such activities and reparations of damages.

Similar actions also take place in other countries, for example Germany. Shell is one of the oldest oil companies with a history of destroying the environment and violation of human rights. A notorious example is the Niger Delta, an area totally devastated by the company’s long-term activity. In the mid-1990s, Shell was involved in judicial murders of Ken Saro Wiwa, a Nigerian activist and writer, and other members of the Ogoni Nine – leaders of the local movement against the company’s unfair practices.


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