• Start: 27.6.2018 0:00
  • End: 1.7.2018 0:00

Czech Republic

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You can be a limit to fossil fuel industry too, come to the second Klimakemp!

The situation is grave. During 2017 we saw the symptoms of climatic extremes all around the world. Drought affected Europe, included Czech Republic, which has been dealing with it already for a long time. Because of dryness even the introduction of an allocation water system threatened the inhabitants of Rome and Barcelona. Some strong hurricanes stroke the West Coast of the United States and the Caribbean Islands, causing some deaths and devastating dwellings and infrastructure. In California took place the worst wildfires in history. Lots of Indian farmers are committing suicide for weak monsoon rains. In Eastern Africa people starve to death because of lack of food and the depletion of resources facilitates the development of terrorism. Sea levels rise and the Arctic ice is melting faster than ever before. At the same time we are going through one of the historically biggest extinctions of animals.

Experts agree on the fact that our planet is rapidly warming and that human activity is the main cause of it. If we want to avoid the catastrophic warming of more than 2 ºC, we have to leave – scientists say – at least the 80% of all known fossil reserves in the ground. However fossil fuel industry is planning to extract and burn them.

Because of these reasons the movement for climate justice is spreading around the world. It withstands to the actual status, when the big polluters of our environment are making money out of the exploitation of natural resources and the consequences of climate change are then impacting those, who have a lesser influence on the environment. Thousands of people all around the world are joining actions of civil disobedience, by which they block with their own bodies strip mines, coal havens and deployed pipelines. With non-violent methods they pursue to put an end, as fast as possible, to fossil fuel burning.

The situation in Czech Republic is forcing us to step again into action. The government is ceaselessly carrying on the fleet of old coal power stations, which serve only the production of electricity to be exported abroad and which are a resource of big incomes for coal barons. ČEZ, the biggest Czech electricity producer, is bringing on its plan to extend brown coal extraction in the Bílina mine over the predetermined limits, which have been breached by the government in 2015. No essential debate about climate change and the transition to a clean and just economy is practically occurring, though it concerns our common future.

Inspired by direct actions of the movement for climate justice we decided again to face up to coal extraction and burning. We want to follow up last year success, when more than one hundred and forty people shut down the activity of the brown coal mine Bílina in Most region. Joint he movement for climate justice and come to the second Klimakemp, which will take place from the 27th of June to the 1st of July 2018. There will be discussions, workshops, cultural shows and protests against the coal extraction and burning. During five days we’ll live in a commonly managed camp on the principles of non-hierarchy, democracy and sustainability. There will be enough space for creative, brave and non-violent actions.

We are the limits to fossil fuel industry. It’s time to overcome together our inner limits and fight for an ecological and just future. It depends on us, if we are going to have our planet and health destroyed or we are striving with determination after a sustainable and just future.